SAP IS Utility : Deregulation Terminology


NB service Non-billable service
CRN Cross-reference number


Advance payment          Procedure whereby the billing agent pays the service provider for the
Outstanding receivables, even if the customer has not yet paid the billing agent. The billing agent owns the receivables from the customer once they have been invoiced in IS-U.

Bill ready                          Bill creation process performed by the service provider, in which they are the owner of the receivable. The bill covers services performed by the service provider as well as services from any third parties involved. The bill is transferred to the billing consolidator, who is responsible for bill payment. This means the customer receives one bill for all service types.

Billing agent                     Service provider who creates bills and monitors incoming payments both for services they provide themselves and for services provided by third parties.

Receivables for which the customer is billed on behalf of third parties are forwarded directly to the third party and do not appear (as revenue) in the billing agent’s general ledger.

Billing consolidator          Service provider who bills the customer for several services. This is an
Umbrella term for billing agent and sole provider.

Customer payment     Procedure whereby the billing agent only pays outstanding receivables to the service provider once the customer has paid the outstanding receivables to the billing agent.

Deregulation scenario Description of a valid relationship between service providers in the
 Deregulated market. To simplify matters, the scenarios are not always described in full in this documentation. For example, when a sole provider scenario is mentioned, it is not clear whether the sole provider is the distributor or the supplier, or when a billing agent scenario is mentioned, the scenario may involve a bill ready or rate ready procedure with advance payment or customer payment. If the exact scenario is irrelevant in a particular context, general references like these are used.

Grid                                   Object in the IS-U System that corresponds to a distribution grid or part of one.
Rate ready                       Bill creation process and bill payment by the billing consolidator on behalf of the service provider who is the service owner.
The billing consolidator must have access to all the necessary data (for example, rate data) in order to create the bill.
This means the customer receives one bill for all service types.

Service provider              Company that provides, for example, one of the following services
(Service types):
·        Energy generation
·        Energy purchasing
·        Energy switching
·        Energy distribution
·        Meter installation and maintenance
·        Meter reading
A service provider is assigned one service type.

Sole provider                   Service provider solely responsible for all services, from the customer’s point of view. The sole provider is also the owner of third-party Receivables from the customer. All receivables for which the customer is billed are listed as revenue in the sole provider’s general ledger.

Templates                        SAP provides predefined programs and workflows for some process
Flows. These are supplied as templates.
SAP delivers the following templates:
·        IDocs
·        Programs for entering data in IDocs for outbound messages
·        Programs for reading IDocs for inbound messages and subsequent
·         Workflows for more complex process management

Point of delivery               Point at which a utility service is performed or determined for a customer. A point of delivery has one (or in some cases no) external number (point of delivery ID) at one time.

A point of delivery is used for:
·        Communication in automatic data exchange (deregulation
·        point of delivery)
·        Exchange of meter reading results (technical point of
·        delivery)
·        When exchanging meter reading results, the technical point of delivery
·        has the following categories:
·        Standard point of delivery

·        Virtual point of delivery

HELP !! Required : Blogging via Word 2013 Error

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Blogging via Live Writer 2012


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To remove SkyDrive from the File Explorer's sidebar


  • Press Win+R and type regedit to open up the Registry Editor
  • Navigate to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\ {8E74D236-7F35-4720-B138-1FED0B85EA75}\ShellFolderregistry key.
  • Right-click on ShellFolder and head to Permissions. Click Advanced.
  • Under "Owner" near the top, click Change. Change the owner to your user and press OK. Check the "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects" box as well as the "Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this subject" box near the bottom. Press OK.
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  • Restart your computer. When you open File Explorer, the SkyDrive entry should be gone from the list.

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